Presentation Outline

smdi_or.gif Module 1

Current Internet-based efforts to address social issues

• Issues websites review…
• Why are these approaches ineffective…?
• What’s the solution…?

smdi_or.gif Module 2

Opinion spectrum methodology

• Opinion spectrum examples…
• The methodology
• When should it be employed…?

smdi_or.gif Module 3

Collaboration through structured issue documents

• The structured issue document
• Issue development team
• Team - public collaboration
• Advanced interactions

smdi_or.gif Module 4

Complex issues-handling methodology

• The challenges of highly complex issues (illustrated)
• Anatomy of an issue
• The complex issues-handling methodology
• Domain mapping illustration
• Knowledge development
• Symbiotic development of knowledge and social issues

smdi_or.gif Module 5


• Small scale implementation (stand-alone applications)
• People management & coordination (Virtual Society)
• Large scale or global implementation