Purpose of Section

This section looks at how major social issues are handled at the international and national levels. The USA is used to examine national issues handling in a law-based democracy. The goal here is to identify systemic shortcomings in the issue-handling processes, and thus derive a basis for a superior approach (introduced in the next section).

Section Summary

Why are today’s social issues so difficult to resolve? This review of the nature of today’s major issues, and their sociopolitical environments, provides some answers [link].

Global and regional issues are managed by the United Nations and a host of other intergovernmental organizations. Most nations are members of multiple international bodies. Global decision-making institutions have been much criticized, primarily for the excessive influence of the West [link].

Issues-handling in the USA is dependent upon rule of law. The analysis presented here of a particularly complex social issue from Northern Arizona reveals a multitude of shortcomings. Improved issue resolution requires new laws and a unifying social philosophy [link].

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